Via a hint and a lot of luck, I found Almirante and had him move in with us in November 2011. Almirante translates to “Admiral” but for me, his true name is Coraco (Heart). 

Almirante is originally from Portugal where he was also started. When I bought him, he was 7 and I was his fourth owner. Thanks to his conformation, many things are physically incredibly easy for him. Mentally, however, he is extremely sensitive and his emotions often brim over. But as the saying goes: “Two minds have to want what two bodies are capable of”. The biggest challenge is therefore winning over his heart and mind. Step by step I have since started to communicate with him, win his trust and strengthen his confidence. In the spring of 2012, I started him on the lunge like a green horse. 

Today, our minds find more and more common ground and our bodies are more and more capable of what both our minds want to achieve. Almirante taught me to open my mind in order to reach the horse; not working towards success but to simply enjoy and let success come to you.