Kraki vom Mönchhof

Kraki, born in 2001 is my best quadruped teacher.

Through him, I discovered Bent Branderup and the Academic Art of Riding.

When I first bought Kraki in 2006, my single focus was on competitive equestrian sports. This young horse, however, showed himself to be a panicking bolter. After several accidents and many miles travelled in headless gallop, I finally understood his cries for help and transformed my riding towards the Academic Art of Riding. Through this change, Kraki and I finally became a team and are now continuing on this wonderful path together. 

After some time, I managed to achieve increasing levels of “Schwung” (momentum, spark) in all of Kraki’s five gaits and improve his balance in all lateral movements. Our work came to an abrupt halt after an accident on the paddock in autumn 2011. The diagnosis at the veterinarian hospital was sobering: Kraki’s medial meniscus was corroded and the ligaments of his knee were too loose to support it. I was told that I could never again put the slightest strain on my horse. Despite this prognosis I carefully started to build Kraki’s strength up again. Through precise exercise, I managed to counteract his relieving posture, strengthen the muscles supporting the knee and reestablish his mobility. I January 2013, Kraki and I successfully passed the Squire test. He has taught me to work meticulously, subtly and systematically. He sparks my inner child, every day anew.